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In addition to my still photography I also shoot video which in some cases can have a lot more depth than just a single photograph can show. This page contains some of the more interesting, news worthy, or unordinary things that I've captured that I wish to share with the railfan community. Included are three file types from which to choose from. WMV which can be opened using Windows Media Player, RM which can be opened using Real Player, and MPG which can be opened using any form of media player including those used on Apple computers. I suggest the WMV or RM format if you have those applications as those formats are smaller and will download much faster. Download speeds are very fast however, I have been able to reach speeds of 1.2mb/sec on my cable connection.


After 12 years of sitting silent, being completely ripped apart down to the wheels and reassembled perfectly to factory specs, NKP Berkshire #765 steams down the rails once again. In it's series of test runs on the Chicago, Ft Wayne & Eastern tracks between Ft Wayne and Van Wert, 765's crew had their first chance to stretch the old girls' legs and return her to the glory days. Here is the video captured on the initial run to Van Wert on March 25, 2006.

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Conrail YDFW is southbound on the way back to Piqua Yard with light power on the GR&I trackage crossing the NS Chicago District diamonds after having made a delivery up north by Interstate 69.  The engineer is in the rear locomotive so the conductor has to sit in the lead locomotive to tell the engineer over the radio the signal indications which are on the opposite side of the train.

Windows Media (11.9MB)

Take a few steps back away from the rails as UPS hotshot NS 218 puts a time dent in its circuitous Chicago to Greensboro run highballing through downtown Montpelier, Indiana at about 60 mph.  This is at the Huntington St. crossing on the NS New Castle District and this routing is no longer used by 218.


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NS train 171 crosses over a creek as it heads west on the Huntington District towards Ft Wayne, just south of Butler, IN. December 12, 2005

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A sly raccoon helps himself to free sugar provided by Spangler Candy in Bryan, Ohio.

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