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I shoot videos mostly, but do take stills sometimes.  These are some of my photos taken around the area.  They are arranged with the most recent photo on the top of each section.  Please don't use any of these photos without my permission.

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Norfolk Southern

On February 3, 2002 a C39-8 #8691 leads train 217 westbound past the CR 700E crossing on the Chicago District near Dunfee, Indiana. (©David Safdy)
At around 10:30am on May 19, 2001 NS 197 rolls through Yoder, Indiana eastbound on the New Castle District.  Ex-Conrail SD50 #5424 leads 4 other six axle units across the Yoder Rd. crossing. (ęDavid Safdy)
Sometimes lighting from the side can create some nice effects.  As NS 20T runs east through Monroeville, Indiana on the Fort Wayne Line, birds scatter in front of the lead locomotive.  This was the first time I caught 20T in daylight on February 21, 2001. (ęDavid Safdy)
NS 276 is speeding eastbound passing through Edgerton, IN on the Fostoria District.  An ex-Conrail C36-7 #8489 is in the lead and its nose is just crossing into Ohio.  November 17, 2000. (ęDavid Safdy)
On December 26, 2000 unit potash train NS 60T is running past the South Ave. crossing in Bluffton, Indiana.  This train had rare run-through CN power.  The lead unit #2413 is a Canadian cowl version of the C40-8.  NS 60T rarely runs through Fort Wayne anymore. (ęDavid Safdy)
On September 30, 2000 NS #215 runs southbound through Bluffton, Indiana with containers bound for Jacksonville, FL and points beyond.  NS 8754 leads. (ęDavid Safdy)



CSX 7387 eases it's train around the SE wye at Deshler and heads south on the old B&O Toledo Sub towards Cincinnati.
CSX 7868 blasts down the Toledo sub on a blustery winter day just past the South Deshler signal bridge towards Leipsic.
Like a speeding bullet this CSX Q train speeds past mile marker 94 on the Garrett sub at Jacobs Rd in Defiance County, Ohio.
After dusk a CSX train runs past the signal bridge protecting Eastbound movements ending the triple track portion of railroad between West Garrett and Auburn.
Conrail/CSX 7318 rushes east on the Garrett Sub across the I&O diamond at Hamler, Ohio.
A northbound rushes past DA tower at Deshler, Ohio.
A northbound rack train heads past the steel mill at Leipsic, Ohio.
CSX P959-17, an office car special, operated from Fort Wayne to Warsaw on the Fort Wayne Line on October 17, 2001.  The train consisted of 2 freight locomotives and 8 cars.  Here are 4 pictures of the train as it passed through Arcola, Indiana at the Eme Rd. crossing at about 40 mph.  The sun was hiding behind the broken cloud layer at Arcola, but in the 5th photo it finally came out as the train passed the River St. crossing in Columbia City. (ęDavid Safdy)



CSX C726 backs up westbound onto the Van Wert Industrial Track wye at Estry in Van Wert, OH on January 4, 2001.  Note the broom on the front of the locomotive. (ęDavid Safdy)
New Year's Day 2001.  At Paulding Rd. in New Haven, Indiana CSX 6359 pulls a 110-car train southbound down the snow-covered Decatur Secondary. (ęDavid Safdy)



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