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For a city that has lost many of its historical structures, Fort Wayne amazingly has retained several of its train stations.  The Pennsylvania and New York Central passenger depots still stand today and are used for non-railroad purposes, as well as the New York Central freight depot.  Some that have fallen include the original Nickel Plate depot downtown, which was razed many years ago, and also the large Wabash depot between Harrison St. and Calhoun St., which also fell to the wrecking ball.  This page shows which ones are still standing today.

Pennsylvania Railroad
This is the Pennsylvania Railroad passenger station located downtown at the corner of Harrison and Baker St.  Commonly known in Fort Wayne as the "Baker Street Station," it was used by Amtrak until November 1990 when the Broadway and Capitol Limited were rerouted off this line.  In late 2005/early 2006 the platform canapy's were torn down and the elevator shafts filled to prevent the homeless from living here.  This station was renovated in 1997 and currently serves as a catering hall served exclusively by Goegleins Catering and offices for Martin Riley Mock Architects/Engineers.

This photo shows the entrance looking north. It captures the beautiful restoration of the station. Photo from Baker Street Station Banquet Facility website.



 Looking like it was hit by a nuclear bomb is the platform and the skeleton-like canopies to the Pennsy station.

It's hard to believe that it has been over 10 years since Amtrak left the Summit City.

Thanks to Chris Wehman for the platform photos above.


New York Chicago & St. Louis Railroad (Nickel Plate)
The platform to the Nickel Plate station still stands and this is a view of it at Calhoun St.  The stairway to the left is closed off at ground level.






Even though the station is no longer standing, the service elevators up to the platforms are still in place. Up on the platforms the doors are boarded up.


New York Central Railroad (passenger)
This is the New York Central  passenger station which has been beautifully preserved and sits between Wells and Harrison Streets just north of the St. Marys River on Cass St.  It is now Don Hall's Yarn Depot.  This station is known locally as the "Cass Street Depot."


New York Central Railroad (freight)
This is the New York Central freight depot which sits at the northwest corner of Clinton St. and Fourth St. about 1/2 mile north of downtown.  This is looking north at the depot.


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