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NE interlocking is located in New Haven, Indiana and is just east of East Wayne Yard.  At NE interlocking the NS Chicago/Fostoria district crosses the NS Huntington District.  There are connecting wyes in both the northwest and southeast quadrants of the diamond.  In this photo a westbound (#183) is leaving the Fostoria District and joining the connecting track to the Huntington District.


East Wayne Yard is not a huge yard, nonetheless it is almost always busy.  The yard is actually comprised of two yards.  On the Huntington District east of Estella Ave. is a small yard called the Wabash Yard.  This is used primarily by Huntington District trains.  Just north along the Chicago District (ex-Nickel Plate) is East Wayne Yard.  The two yards are connected by one crossover track called the Industrial Track which crosses Nelson Rd.  East Wayne Yard contains a locomotive service area (called the roundhouse or pit), crew facilities, as well as a turntable that is still used.

East Wayne is basically one big set off yard.  Throughout the day, several through freights will stop and set off blocks of cars in one of the two yards and pickup others set off by other trains.  This is the yard's basic purpose.  There are a few trains that actually are made here such as 417 to Muncie and 323 to Van Loon.  Also, several locals originate here.

After the years following the Conrail acquisition, the northwest connector at NE has been used less and less. Today, the Huntington District locals going in and out of East Wayne are about the only trains that use it.  Occasionally through trains will make setoffs using the northwest wye, too.  The southeast connector is used very heavily by many trains.

Remote control locomotives are used at East Wayne Yard on occasion for switching operations.

Special Note:  Unless you are a Norfolk Southern employee and/or have prior permission, it is imperative that you stay out of East Wayne Yard. Don't drive into any of the employee parking lots. Stay on Nelson Rd. only.  See below for more information.
NE interlocking and East Wayne Yard are private property.  If you haven't already, please review the Railfanning Tips page.



An eastbound NS Roadrailer on the Huntington District rounds the curve towards NE in the setting sun.

East of NE interlocking at the State St. crossing is the ex-NKP depot.  It sits on the north side of the tracks.


NS SD70 #2545 leads train 15E westbound through NE interlocking on October 18, 2000  This train is coming off of the Fostoria District and heading west on the Huntington District.


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