Fort Wayne Hotbox Detectors




There aren't any audible hotbox detectors within the city limits of Fort Wayne, however there are a few on the outskirts of town.


AudioDragging equipment detector "Linker" MP316 on the Fort Wayne line, located at Meyer Rd.  [MP3 format, 57K, 7 sec]

Norfolk Southern:

AudioHotbox Detector MP 378.6 on the Chicago District. Located at Scott Rd.  This detector replaced the 379.6 TSA below.  [MP3 format, 53K, 6 sec.]

AudioHotbox Detector MP 173.5 on the New Castle District - also a Trackside Analyzer.  This one is located in Ossian, at CR 1050N and no longer gives the axle counts. [MP3 format, 88K, 11 sec.]

AudioHotbox Detector MP 161.7 on the Huntington District - also a Trackside Analyzer.  This one is located at the Station Rd. crossing near Roanoke, IN.  [MP3 format, 59K, 7 sec.]

AudioHotbox Detector MP 135.3 - Huntington District east of New Haven.  [MP3 format, 61K, 7 sec.] 

The Decommissioned:

AudioConrail Fort Wayne Dragger (MP 325):  This dragging equipment detector was located between Bass Rd. and Hadley Rd. on the Fort Wayne Line.  Unfortunately, the only recording I have is the tail end of the transmission and Conrail FWEL (CR 7724) answering.  [MP3 format, 77K, 9 sec.]

AudioNS Hotbox Detector MP 379.6 on the Chicago District - one of the "Trackside Analyzers" installed during Norfolk & Western times.  It was located  near Hadley Rd.  Decomissioned in October 2002.  [MP3 format, 61K, 7 sec]

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