Fort Wayne Rail Frequencies


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To keep tabs on the rail action in Fort Wayne, monitor these 8 main frequencies.

Usage of these is broken down in the table below, as well as some additional frequencies:
Norfolk Southern

New Castle District
161.490 - Junction to Hugo (Chicago District dispatcher)
160.380 - Hugo to Winters Rd. (Huntington District dispatcher)
160.440 - Winters Rd. and south
Chicago District - Fostoria District
161.490 - Four Mile and west (Chicago District dispatcher)
160.380 - Four Mile to West Dawkins (Huntington District dispatcher)
161.250 - West Dawkins and east (Fostoria District dispatcher)
Huntington District
160.380 - Entire line
161.190 - East Wayne Yd., Woodburn Branch, Snake Track, GM Yard (Roanoke)
160.515 - PBX 9 (Maintainence of way)
161.205 - NS Police
161.115 - EOT devices (NS only)
457.9375 - EOT devices (AAR)
151.865 - Triple Crown - base operations
160.950 - Triple Crown Yard
161.490 - GR&I Industrial Track

Chicago Fort Wayne & Eastern Railroad
161.490 - Mike and west (NS Chicago District dispatcher)
160.380 - Mike interlocking (NS Huntington District dispatcher)
160.800 - Mike to Adams (NS Kankakee dispatcher)
161.070 - Adams and east (NS Pittsburgh West dispatcher)
160.545 - Road Channel used by crews 
Decatur Line
160.800 - Adams to Decatur & Erie Lackawanna segment (NS Kankakee dispatcher controls from Adams to HARR)
457.9375 - EOT devices
161.130   - Maintenance of way
161.070, 160.800 -  Piqua Yardmaster


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Some local lingo
1100 Switch Switch near the East end of Roanoke siding.  Allows movement in and out of the GM yard.
Casad Casad Depot.  Located east of New Haven on the Fostoria District.
End of the double East end of double track on the Huntington District just west of Hartzell Rd. in New Haven.
Estella Estella Ave. in New Haven
Hump and Belt The Hump is the track that runs across the old hump at Piqua Yd. (part of the Union Belt).  The Belt is short for the Union Belt track.
Lumbard Lumbard St. crossing on the Huntington District.  A place to hold westbound trains approaching Mike.
Mullinix Mullinix packaging off Engle Rd.
PC Side CFE (ex-PRR) from Mike westward.  NS owned this track for a short while and it was known as the Fort Wayne District or PC line (Pittsburgh to Chicago).
The News Fort Wayne Newspapers (corner of Van Buren and Main St.)
Reduction Center Along Old Maumee Rd. west of Estella Ave; a holding spot for eastbounds on the NS Chicago District.
Winters Rd. Crossing on the southeast side of the Fort Wayne Int'l Airport on the New Castle District.  A popular holding spot for northbounds.



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