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This page contains area photos submitted by other individuals.  If you have a photo you would like to contribute, drop me an e-mail.  The copyrighting of these images is the responsibility of the owner.  Please do not use any of these images without permission from the contributor and/or owner and from me.
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Fort Wayne, Indiana

The following 6 photos were taken by Sam Bertels and were supplied by Bob Bunting.
Adams Tower (JPG, 86kb) - It's Christmas Day 1969 and an Alco Century 630 leads a westbound freight through Adams.  This was taken from the tower and the 2 signals above the locomotives are for the GR&I from Decatur, Indiana which joined the mainline here.
Baker St. Station (JPG, 83kb) - On March 31, 1969 a pair of Penn Central F-units lead a westbound freight past the Baker Street Station on the "freight main".  Today, both of these tracks are gone.
Baker St. Station (JPG, 73kb) - It's crew change time for a westbound Pennsylvania passenger train at the depot.  Date unknown.
Mike Tower (JPG, 61kb) - Looking east from the tower as a quartet of Pennsylvania F-units pull a westbound through the interlocking plant. Date unknown.
Mike Tower (JPG, 89kb) - From the former Gay St. bridge this is facing west as an eastbound Penn Central train roars by with several E-units.  Date unknown.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 79kb) - 3 Penn Central F-units line up for the camera at the roundhouse turntable on October 7, 1972.
These photos are from the Bob Bunting collection.  Photographer information is indicated when known.
E unit near Linker (JPG, 47kb) - This looks like an eastbound at Linker.  Photographer: Herb Harnish through Art Copy.
Mike Tower (JPG, 94kb) - It's January 1980 and an eastbound N&W led by C30-7 #8060 crosses the Conrail Fort Wayne Line diamonds.
Piqua Yard Roundhouse/Gay St. (JPG, 95kb) - Looking east at the Piqua Yd. roundhouse from the long-gone Gay St. bridge on October 1979 as GP38-2 #8170 and ex-Penn Central SD45 #6113 pull a westbound down the Fort Wayne Line.  A blue switcher sits alone outside the roundhouse.  Today this area is pretty unrecognizable from this photo.
Piqua Yard - F units (JPG, 23kb) - A couple of Pennsy F units near Piqua Yard.  Photographer:  Herb Harnish through Art Copy.
Piqua Yard - F units near the hump (JPG, 67kb) - A perfect A-B-A set pauses just east of the Piqua Yard hump.  Just think how many different types of locomotives that tower has seen roll by in its lifetime.  Photographer:  Herb Harnish through Art Copy.
Piqua Yard Hump Engine - (JPG, 52kb) - This is the center cab Lima-Hamilton engine that operated the Piqua Yard hump during the mid-1950s.  Photographer:  Herb Harnish through Art Copy.
Eastbound passenger train? (JPG, 71kb) - Not much information came with this photo, but this passenger train is passing by possibly the Piqua Yard roundhouse.  The Wabash locomotive at the roundhouse adds some confusion.  Photographer: Herb Harnish through Art Copy.
Passenger train (JPG, 63kb) - Not sure where this was taken, but it possibly might be somewhere east of Piqua Yard.  Photographer: Herb Harnish through Art Copy.
The following photos were taken by Bob Bunting in Fort Wayne
Mike Tower (JPG, 41kb) - looking west on the NS at dawn.
Mike Tower (JPG, 34kb) - westbound on the Conrail at dawn.
OmniSource Locomotive (JPG, 71kb) - taken January 11, 2005.

The following were taken between 1987-1989.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 62kb) - looking west from the hump building area.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 74kb) - Conrail 8177.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 58kb) - looking west down the hump track.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 49kb) - Wayne Trace/Pontiac St. viaduct.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 50kb) - looking east from Pontiac St. side.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 59kb) - hump tower.  Note the "Wayne Trace" sign at the top.
These five pictures were taken in Fort Wayne by Terry Miliczky.
Meyer Rd. (JPG 57kb) - A signal bridge stood just east of Meyer Rd. on the Fort Wayne Line.  An eastbound Penn Central train leaves Piqua Yard passing underneath it on July 15, 1974.
Meyer Rd. (JPG 64kb) - The end of the same train.  The building on the right was for the crews working the east end of the eastbound departure yard, which by this time was relegated to storing cars.
Mike Tower (JPG, 53kb) - Looking east at Mike Tower in early 1989.
Norfolk & Western CTC Board (JPG, 65kb) -  "Wabash Side" CTC board, taken Nov 1981.  This board covered territory between Peru IN and Detroit MI.  Dispatcher is standing behind board reading print out tape of one of the servo detectors (before the age of defect detector "Talkies")
Triple Crown Yard (JPG, 28 kb) - The yard is under construction in this photo.  1992?
These three pictures were taken of Amtrak's Capitol Limited at the Baker St. station in January 1985 by Mario Lopez.
Capitol Limited at Baker St. station - (JPG, 60kb) - The westbound Capitol Limited sits idle at the station; looking east.
Capitol Limited at Baker St. station - (JPG, 72kb) - A view of the dome car from the station platform.
Capitol Limited at Baker St. station - (JPG, 71kb) - A train crew member poses in front of the train.
The following 5 photos are of the remnants of two Pennsylvania Railroad water wells that were apparently used to bring water into Fort Wayne at one time.  The first 3 photos are of the remnants located next to the Bass Rd. crossing.  The last 2 photos are of the remnants located about 1/8 mile west on the right of way alongside Yellow River Rd.  All photos taken in April 2002.  From Bob Durnell.
A curving piece of iron (JPG, 85kb) - This rusty pipe protrudes through the heavy brush.
A closeup of the pipe (JPG, 34kb) - Lincoln foods is the background.
Ground view (JPG, 95kb) - looking east.
Hidden in the weeds (JPG, 104kb) - Most passing motorists wouldn't even notice this.
Up close (JPG, 41kb) - It almost resembles something from a sunken ship.
The following photos were taken by Bob Durnell around Fort Wayne.
Abandoned GR&I (JPG, 75kb) - Looking north on the ex-Conrail GR&I just north of Park interlocking in December 1996.
Abandoned GR&I (JPG, 92kb) - Looking south along the GR&I near the old Wayne Feed Mill in December 1996. The mill is visible on the extreme left.  Both the mill and all of these tracks in this photo are gone today.
BNSF 9951 Leads Coal Train (JPG, 90kb) - Looking east down the Chicago District as a westbound coal train approaches with a pair of BNSF SD70MACs.  This was taken in October 1999 from behind the OmniSource plant.

Junction connector & Hadley cutoff construction project
The following 6 photos are of the Hadley Cutoff/Junction Loop project that was constructed between 1998 and 1999.  The purpose of this project was to route the New Castle District trains off of Jefferson Blvd.  See the Norfolk Southern Reroute page for more info on this project.  Photos 1 through 4 were taken at Junction and photos 5 through 10 were taken at the Hadley Cutoff.

Mike interlocking diamond removal (JPG, 63kb) - In March 1992 the lone diamond at Mike interlocking has been recently removed and replaced by 4 switches.
N&W 611 at Lumbard St. (JPG, 46kb) - The N&W 611 runs east on the Huntington District at Lumbard St. in July 1992.
NS SD50 Westbound Downtown (JPG, 55kb) - Beginning the climb up the elevation, ex-Conrail SD50 #5467 leads a westbound freight alongside Berry St. in April 2000. From Bob Durnell.
The following photos were taken by Matt Rushcamp around Fort Wayne.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 42kb) - Looking west down the mainline towards PIQ, Conrail 3327 and 3359 idle next to each other.  The 3327 might be ELFW.  Taken in February 1993.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 45kb) - Two Conrail GE units pose in front of the Fort Wayne skyline on March 6, 1994.  A Triple Crown train can be seen in the distance.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 50kb) - Conrail 7633 and 3333 do a little switching near the hump in the early 1990s.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 37kb) - A 1991 view of the west end of the yard before Triple Crown was built.  Just look at all of those cars.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 41kb) - On April 26, 1991 these westbound light engines are returning to Piqua Yard.  The GP38-2 behind is lashed up to a long string of grain cars.

Mike Interlocking (JPG, 61kb) - At Mike we are looking east down the Conrail main.  The signal bridge in the distance will soon be coming out as will the diamonds across the Norfolk Southern main.  Taken in the early 1990s.
Mike Interlocking (JPG, 50kb) - Looking west at Mike down the NS Huntington District in 1991.  Note the former westbound main on the Conrail is still intact and that the NS still only has mainline signaling in one direction.
Assorted photographers
Mike Tower (JPG, 49kb) - An eastbound NS eases past Mike Tower on March 19, 1988.  Anyone know who the operator was based on the truck?  From Max Safdy.
Mike Tower Board (JPG, 55kb) - A Polaroid snapshot taken of the Mike Tower board in October 1984. From Keith Harris.
Mike Tower Board (JPG, 53kb) - Same date as above, showing a different lineup.  From Keith Harris.
Pennsylvania Railroad Shop (JPG, 67kb) - The old Pennsy shops building sat where the current post office is downtown.  The Pennsy building is being torn down in this late 1970s photo.  From Mark Dellinger.
Pennsylvania Railroad Shop (JPG, 51kb)  - Taken about the same time as the above photo. From Mark Dellinger.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 71kb) - An October 1974 view of Piqua Yard facing west.  From Victor Baird.
Piqua Yard (JPG, 55kb) - A Penn Central GP-40 sits outside the roundhouse on April 6, 1969. From Scott collection.

New Haven, Indiana

The following photos were taken by Bob Durnell.
3 UP SD70Ms (JPG, 76kb) - An eastbound empty coal train pauses along Old Maumee Rd. on the NS Chicago District with a flared UP SD70M #4957 on the point on September 27, 2002.
3 UP SD70Ms (JPG, 81kb) - Side view of the lead locomotive of above train.
C40-9W On Turntable (JPG, 50kb) - #8968 faces towards the camera on the East Wayne Yard turntable in February 1999.
CSX Power On Chicago District (JPG, 45kb) - After a fresh snowfall, an eastbound NS sits alongside Old Maumee Rd. with CSX C40-8W #7886 in the lead.  Taken January 1999.
GP38AC On Turntable (JPG, 45kb) - In June 1998 NS 4139 takes a spin around the turntable at East Wayne Yard.
Molten Sulfur Train (JPG, 79kb) - On November 11, 2002 NS train 60Q approaches  Estella Rd. pulled by a pair of sequentially numbered SD70s.
NS 323 Departing In Snow (JPG, 47kb) - After an early spring snowfall, NS 323 departs East Wayne Yard for Van Loon, IN on the Chicago District with SD40-2 #1647 leading on April 2, 2002.
NYSW Stack Train (JPG, 99kb) - In November 1998 NYSW 4054 is in the lead of a stack train along Old Maumee Rd.  Webmaster's note: I believe this train is the old 290 which ran between Chicago and Oak Island, NJ.
UP SD70M At The Pit (JPG, 43kb) - One of Union Pacific's popular SD70Ms #4082 is parked outside the East Wayne locomotive shop.  August 2001.
Assorted photographers
CP Train at dusk (JPG, 53kb) - NS 083 runs westbound through New Haven in the mid-1990s complete with a fuel tender.  From Michael Schwiebert.
NE Tower (JPG, 30 kb) - NE tower was a one story brick structure.  Date unknown.  From Terry Miliczky.

Northeast Indiana Area

Eel River Right Of Way - the following pictures were taken by Nathan Myers in 2004, who is trying to get a rail-trail built atop this former PRR right-of-way
County Road 950W (JPG, 95kb) - This is looking eastbound down the right of way towards Collamer, IN (about 2 miles from South Whitley).
County Road 950W (JPG, 94kb) - Looking the other way from the same road.
Milepost (JPG, 96kb) - A very old milepost between South Whitley and Collamer, IN.
Milepost up close (JPG, 83kb) - The above milepost at close range.
Eel River Bridge (JPG, 81kb) -  Spot where the railroad crossed the Eel River near Collamer, IN.
Trestle (JPG, 87kb) - A neat looking wooden trestle stands northeast of South Whitley.
Trestle (JPG, 87kb) - Looking down the deck of the above trestle.
Trestle (JPG, 94kb) - Looking south at the trestle.

Arcola, Indiana (JPG, 76kb) - A view of the Pennsylvania Railroad depot and one-time tower at Arcola, Indiana.  This is a postcard photo that was postmarked 1916. From Tim Kneller collection.
Arcola, Indiana (JPG, 79kb) - Conrail FWEL runs westbound through Arcola in this October 1994 shot. From Michael Schwiebert.

Butler, Indiana (JPG, 23kb) - Taken sometime in 1985, the N&W 611 passes State Road 1 in Butler, Indiana. From Eric Zerkle.
Butler, Indiana (JPG, 111kb) - Conrail C39-8 #6017 leads an eastbound freight just west of town in November 1998.  From Bob Durnell.

Columbia City, Indiana (JPG, 89kb) - Stack train NS 291 runs westbound through Columbia City on the ex-Pennsy trackage in June 1996.  From Michael Schwiebert.

Defiance, Ohio (JPG, 45 kb) - A view of a steam train at FC Tower in Defiance.  Date unknown. From Terry Miliczky collection.

Dunfee, Indiana (JPG, 84kb) - CP run through train NS 084 runs across West County Line Road in Dunfee in the mid-1990s.  From Michael Schwiebert.

Edgerton, Indiana (JPG, 53kb) - A Wabash covered hopper.  Taken in the mid-1980s. From Bob Bunting.

Garrett, Indiana (JPG, 24kb) - Chessie Steam Special at the Garrett Yard in late 1970s w/yard view. I think the little girl is covering her ears.  From Eric Zerkle collection.
Garrett, Indiana (JPG, 20kb) - Chessie Steam Special at the Garrett Yard in the late1970s, closeup. From Eric Zerkle collection.
Garrett, Indiana (JPG, 61kb) - 2 B&O cabooses sit at the Garrett Yard in July 1972. From Victor Baird.
Garrett, Indiana (JPG, 66kb) - Chessie 4153 and a B&O geep pull a freight at Garrett in February 1975.  From Victor Baird.
Garrett, Indiana (JPG, 57kb) - B&O 3833 and a caboose lash up at the Garrett Yard in July 1975.  From Victor Baird.
Garrett, Indiana (JPG, 52kb) - A cool shot of the B&O Garrett depot at night facing east in July 1977.  What a shame that this fabulous building is gone. From Victor Baird.
Garrett, Indiana (JPG, 72kb) - B&O and Chessie GP38s lead Q227 though Garrett in March 1996. From Michael Schwiebert.

Grabill, Indiana (JPG, 39kb) - On January 5, 2002 the town of Grabill celebrated its 100th anniversary.  Norfolk Southern ran a special train to commemorate the event.  These are 2 pictures taken in town.  Both from Bob Bunting.
Grabill, Indiana  (JPG, 56kb)

Hamilton, Indiana (JPG, 69kb) - Indiana Northeastern 1770 is seen here at Hamilton, having recently been painted into the IN's attractive NKP paint scheme.  August 18, 2002.   From Jay Williams.

Huntertown, Indiana (JPG, 64kb) - Grand Rapids & Indiana depot in Huntertown, date unknown. From Victor Baird.

Huntington, Indiana (JPG, 66kb) - In August 1975 a crossing watchman protects the Erie Lackawanna Market St. crossing.  From Victor Baird.
Huntington, Indiana (JPG, 69kb) - Taken the same day as the above photo, 3 Erie Lackawanna E units pull an eastbound train out of Huntington past the depot.  This entire scene is virtually unrecognizable today.  From Victor Baird.

Kendallville, Indiana (JPG, 70kb) - Penn Central NW-2 #8798 and former PRR "Cabin," July 1974, From Victor Baird.
Kendallville, Indiana (JPG, 69kb) - Penn Central Fort Wayne-Elkhart train south of diamond, Summer of 1974.  From Victor Baird.
Kendallville, Indiana (JPG, 71kb) - Westbound Penn Central train near Hwy 3 overpass, date unknown. From Victor Baird.

Laketon, Indiana (JPG, 70kb) - An Erie Lackawanna caboose brings up the rear of a train passing through Laketon in August 1975.  Just try to find this spot today!  From Victor Baird.

Laotto, Indiana (JPG, 69kb) - This is where the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad crossed the Wabash Railroad's "Eel River Line" between Logansport and Butler.  This is most likely facing west on the Wabash.  Date unknown.  From Victor Baird collection.

Milford Junction, Indiana (JPG, 81kb) - This cool photo was taken sometime in the 1950s by Harry Zillmer.  An eastbound B&O freight train is about to bang over the Big Four diamonds and pass "JU" tower in Milford.  Other than the absence of the tower, Milford looks much the same today as in this photo.  Note the smoke stains on the bridge.  From Terry Miliczky collection

Monroeville, Indiana (JPG, 56kb) - A picture of the former Pennsy depot in Monroeville, Indiana taken in the early 1980s.  This is facing southwest.  From Terry Miliczky.

Monroeville, Indiana (JPG, 56kb) - The first of 3 shots of the Fort Wayne, Van Wert, & Lima interurban station in downtown Monroeville taken in 1993.  Looking northwest.  From Jan Giradot.
Monroeville, Indiana (JPG, 68kb) - looking southwest.
Monroeville, Indiana (JPG, 31kb) - looking west (substation).

Newton, Indiana (JPG, 71kb) - Newton Tower (WN) was located in Wabash County about a mile east of Laketon, Indiana and is where the Erie Lackawanna crossed the Pennsylvania Railroad's Butler to Logansport line at grade.  This photo was taken in 1974 or 1975 and is looking northeast on the Pennsy at the tower, which had already closed by this point in time.  From Kim Heusel.
Newton, Indiana (JPG, 31 kb) - An eastbound Erie Lackawanna freight passes by Newton Tower.  Date unknown.  From Kim Heusel.

North Judson, Indiana  (JPG, 83kb) - A westbound Pennsy freight train hammers over the Erie diamonds with a unit hopper train.  Date unknown.  Photographer:  Herb Harnish through Bob Bunting and Art Copy.
North Judson, Indiana (JPG, 65kb) - An eastbound Pennsy crosses over to the eastbound track and approaches the New York Central Kankakee Belt diamond.  Is that fellow a railfan?  What an amazing place North Judson must have been. Photographer Herb Harnish through Bob Bunting and Art Copy.

Payne, Ohio (JPG, 62kb) - NW 8519 does a little switching at the grain elevator in town in the mid 1980s.  From Bob Bunting.

Peru, Indiana (JPG, 44 kb) - CW Tower in Peru protected the C&O and Wabash crossing.  This wooden tower is long gone today.  Date unknown.  From Terry Miliczky collection.

Rochester, Indiana (JPG, 75kb) - Indiana Hi Rail power sits at the south end of town on the ex-NKP line in February 1996.  From Michael Schwiebert.
Rochester, Indiana (JPG, 79kb) - Indiana Hi Rail's ex-NS GP40 is parked at the grain elevator near US31 on the ex-EL trackage in February 1996..  From Michael Schwiebert.

South Milford, Indiana (JPG, 82kb) - Newly repainted Indiana Northeastern GP30 #2185 sits outside the grain elevator in September 2002.  From Troy Strane.

South Whitley, Indiana (JPG, 27kb) - South Whitley Tower "SY", taken 1974.  Out of service at this time, but still had some levers/apparatus in bldg.  From Terry Miliczky

Steubenville, Indiana (JPG, 81kb) - Indiana Northeastern 1601 leads a train through Steubenville running long hood forward in May 2002.  From Nick Nordmann.

Sturgis, Michigan (JPG, 35kb) - Looking east from Sturgis tower down the New York Central "Old Road."  In the distance you can see the freight house on the right and the passenger depot on the left.  1971.  From Victor Baird.
Sturgis, Michigan (JPG, 82kb) - Penn Central GP-7 #5688 and a former New Haven caboose, March 1972.  From Victor Baird.

Van Wert, Ohio (JPG, 66 kb) - Posing for a photo in old fashioned style on CR 5833, this was the last run on the ex-Cincinnati Northern trackage on March 31, 1977 from Van Wert to North Paulding, Ohio.  This is at the Van Wert engine house. From Willie Wortman collection, photo by H. Marshall.
Van Wert, Ohio (JPG, 14kb) - Another photo of the above in color.  From Willie Wortman collection, photo by H. Marshall.

Warsaw, Indiana (JPG, 95kb) - This is the Penn Central, and later, Conrail tower that stood at the southeast corner of the Warsaw diamonds.  In this August 1975 view we are facing southeast at the tower.  From Victor Baird.

Wolcottville, Indiana (JPG, 90kb) - Wolcottville Tower, 1972.  From Victor Baird.
Wolcottville, Indiana (JPG, 80kb) - M.Peterson handing up train orders to GR-6?, former PRR FP-7's were common PC power on the GR&I,  July 1972. From Victor Baird.
Wolcottville, Indiana (JPG, 95kb) - Penn Central GP-9 #7190 in GR-1 consist switching N&W interchange north of the tower, April 1972.  From Victor Baird.
Wolcottville, Indiana (JPG, 72kb) - Tail end of GR-6?, former NYC caboose, M. Peterson again. July 1972.  From Victor Baird.



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