A meet on the Grand Elk

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A meet on the Grand Elk

Post by Notch 8 » Wed May 29, 2019 10:40 pm

A meet on the Grand Elk at CP16 near White Pigeon MI the Grand Elk is a WATCO Property.

Conrail upgraded this former Lake Shore & Michigan Southern/NYC Kalamazoo Branch in the mid 1970's after the PC debacle, and ran Elkhart-Detroit freight traffic over what would became the Kalamazoo Secondary to Kalamazoo, thence the MC/NYC passenger main to Jackson, in lieu of the direct ex-Michigan Central/NYC Air Line Branch even though it was an additional 47 miles. The change meant the end of the Air Line by 1980, which itself was a part of a NYC upgrade to a high speed, modern freight line upgrade during the 1950's.

Fast forward to May 24th 2016

Watco is the owner-operator of the Grand Elk Railroad (GDLK) on track that is currently leased from Norfolk Southern Railway (NS), and seeks approval of the discontinuance of the traffic control system (TCS) from Milepost (MP) 33.00 at Park, near Three Rivers, MI, to MP 1.4 at the end of GDLK in Elkhart, IN.

The reason given for the proposed discontinuance is that traffic volumes do not warrant a TCS. but it does provide wrong switch and broken rail protection

Train traffic on this section of track is four per day with maximum speed of 40 mph with no increases in train traffic in the foreseeable future. This change will not affect safety of train movements as there are four passing sidings within the 31.6 miles. If approved, the discontinuance and removal of the CTC system will begin upon approval and be completed within 90 days. The change from CTC to TWC is expected to be permanent.

Ultimately discontinuance was denied so the signals will stand for now but several of the other signals along the line have been replaced with the newer Darth Vader signals.

Pics taken 5/29/19
DSC_0390 (4).JPG
DSC_0409 (4).JPG
DSC_0413 (5).JPG
DSC_0420 (2).JPG
DSC_8781 (2).jpg

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