Daily Digests Fully Functioning Now

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Daily Digests Fully Functioning Now

Post by Greg46m » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:46 pm

Several months ago I implemented a new tool on here that sends a daily digests of all the posts made that day to anyone who subscribes to it. It's great for people to keep up on whats happening here without remembering to visit every day because they get an email in their inbox with everything.

Until now that email lacked the full address when you tried to click on a link and would end up taking you to an error page instead. Well I finally figured out how to fix that and have done so. Now your daily digests will have fully functioning links and will include any photos that are attached to the posts.

All new members are automatically enrolled in the daily digests and you'll see yours about 1pm every day. For anybody that doesn't currently get these emails and would like to start, or would like to make changes to the time they receive theirs or how often, simply log in to the site with your account, click on User Control Panel on the upper left hand side. Once in your control panel, select the Digests tab and here you will find options to configure your daily digests. Make sure to select Save when you're done.
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