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Post by jett37 » Sat Sep 10, 2016 8:18 am

Friday 9-9-2016 started out foggy but I decided to be a track side stone stomper for a few hours. As per usual no matter what time I leave home I always manage to miss two or three trains just before arriving. None the less I still saw seven trains before it got muggy and sent me home for air conditioning.
Muncie 9-9-2016
NS 200 9009-8085
NS L54 up 8089-ns 9917
CSX Q296 up 8492-up 7224
NS L88 1135
NS 143 3624-3644-8137
NS 27V8451
NS 123 7579-9357

(click photo for enlarged view)
9-9-2016 muncie ns 200 9009-8085   - Copy.jpg
9-9-2016 muncie ns 143 3624-3644-8137   - Copy.jpg

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