Trains seen on NCD!

This is the one and only proper place for trip reports. Let us know what you saw, where you saw it and such.

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Re: Trains seen on NCD!

Post by rrnut282 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 12:20 pm

In theory, yes. In practice, meh.
Because it can come East at Claypool or Alexandria, depending upon crew availability and traffic, it would be a large window as to the time it rolls through.

Just looking at some of my notes from the last two months, it has rolled through Bluffton at 0630, 0800, 0830, 1750, 1830, 1930, 2030, 2100, 2115, 2300 hours. 7-9pm is the most popular time. Figure it was in the fort an hour or so earlier. The timing of the crew change, waiting at HUGO and Kingsland for other trains, etc will have an impact.

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