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Something to ponder

Post by Notch 8 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:15 am

Here is something to ponder... It would be neat to know the number of trains that have passed Your Favorite spot on what is now called the NS Chicago Line ? For a starting point I used these conservative numbers of 50 trains a day for 150 years and I come up with 2,737,500 trains !
Picture taken on the Chicago Division at CP379 Kendallville Indiana and once a crossing point with the Pennsylvania's Grand Rapid's & Indiana Line.

Would anyone have have a layout/map for Kendallville that would show the tracks in Kville when they were all still in place ? The reason I attached the picture to this post is that it's really hard to believe the changes that have taken place in this vicinity.. The last of McCray Refrigeration Plant is now gone and they're down to just removing a chimney and all traces will be gone.

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Re: Something to ponder

Post by cjberndt » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:08 pm

These map segments show the GR&I from just north of US-6 to Rush St. It was drawn in 1919 and updated to 1977. I don't have anything further south, or any NYC maps.

Track Map KVille GR&I US-6 1919-1977.jpg
Track Map KVille GR&I-NYC North 1919-1977.jpg
Track Map KVille GR&I-NYC South 1919-1977.jpg

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