Bear Field Yard




Norfolk Southern's Baer Field Yard is located on the south side of Fort Wayne on the New Castle District between Ferguson Rd. and Airport Expressway.  The yard's name comes from its proximity to the airport which was once called Baer Field.  Today the airport is known as Fort Wayne International but the yard kept its name.  This yard was designed for handling the one time numerous industries in the airport industrial park which is located west of the yard and north of the terminal building.  Today there are only one or two shippers that use this rail service.  Other than this, the yard is not used too often.  Once in a while a local will use the yard to clear up off of the mainline or to set off cars for another train.  In the above photo we are standing on Ferguson Rd. looking north at the yard.  The New Castle District is the track veering off to the right and the yard track runs straight ahead.


A few times a week the train that normally ventures into this yard is LF10.  The primary shipper is International Paper off of Ferguson Rd.  They are served by the spur that runs across Piper Dr.  The New Castle District mainline actually runs around the east side of the yard using switches and there is a 25 mph speed limit between the north and south ends.




At Airport Dr.  this is looking east at the industrial track which stems off of the west side of Baer Field Yard.  This track runs for a 1/2 mile or so to the west and then ends at Piper Dr. next to International Paper.  The LF10 local usually operates on this track.



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