ATCS Monitor


Download and Installation

To use this program click on the link below to download the Zip file onto your computer. This file includes the layout files for the Ft Wayne Metro Area that includes the CSX (former B&O) from Ripley to Sherwood because of it's close proximity to Ft Wayne, and the MCP information to be added.

You will also need to download the latest version of the ATCSMon program which can be found here. Please note that you must join this yahoo group in order to download the program. It is a good idea to join however because once you get into this, you'll realize the technologies true potential and being able to have instant access to files for wherever you're headed is great.

Ft Wayne ATCS Package Download

Step 1: Copy the file Ft Wayne.ini into the installation directory. This should be C:/Program Files/ATCS Monitor/

Step 2: Copy the file  Ft Wayne Metro12.lay into the folder labeled "Layouts" in the program directory

Step 3: Copy the file  Ft Wayne Metro.mdb into the folder labeled "MCPs"

Start the program

-Select "Open" and choose the file labeled "Ft Wayne.ini"

-Under Configure; select MCP Information. Select "Import" and choose the Ft Wayne Metro.mdb file that you copied into the MCP's folder

-After that has finished loading, select close, and save the whole thing.

It should automatically start listening for data and displaying it on the screen. If not, click the play arrow on the toolbar. To view the visual display select View and Dispatcher Display

More information on the program and related topics can be found at the ATCSMonitor website

For those just looking for server information and files, here's whats available in our area. If you know of a file or server not listed here, please send the information my way and I'll get it added to this database.
Server Location Railroad/Division/District Layout Coverage Server Coverage Server Address Port File Download
Ft Wayne, IN NS/Lake/Huntington, Chicago, Fostoria, New Castle

CSX - Garret Sub

Most of Ft Wayne & New Haven & up to Butler


All of Ft Wayne & New Haven

Usually the entire portion of CSX




Ft Wayne, IN NS New Castle District Winters Rd - E Cast
Part of Frankfort District
Winters Rd - Kingsland 4800 Download
Ft Wayne

Deshler, OH

Fostoria, OH
NS Fostoria District NE-Colby NE-E Dawkins

Miller City-Townwood




Ft Wayne, IN CSX/Great Lakes/Garrett Sub Suman - Indo Ripley - Indo 4801 Download
Must be Yahoo Group Member
Ft Wayne, IN CSX/Great Lakes/Garret-Willard Sub Indo - Republic Indo-Republic
(under normal conditions)







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